In order for a student to participate in extra-curricular activities at GHSS he/she MUST abide by the following regulations:

  • All athletes are required to return a student "AF6813 Health/Safety Information Consent to Release" form prior to their first game/match/activity/practice.
  • Students must possess a current student activity card and pay the appropriate athletic user fee prior to first game/match/activity.
  • All athletes must have a full timetable as outlined in the CWOSSA regulations. Athletes who leave school after completing their competitive season, or reduce their course load to fewer than full time equivalency, must apply to the Athletic Eligibility and Ethics Committee for approval to compete in the following school year.
  • An athlete is eligible for competition for the time period (number of years) stipulated in the CWOSSA guidelines.
  • An athlete must be present in class during the school day in order to participate in an extra-curricular activity on that day. In special circumstances the school administration may approve participation.
  • Athletes cannot participate in inter-school athletic events while they are suspended from school.
  • Athletes who want to play two or more extra-curricular activities in the same season must receive written permission from the coaches involved. Athletes are expected to fulfil the responsibilities of their present activity before they try out for a new activity.
  • Students who have a school absentee record in excess of 4 days per month, who are not completing assessments or, who are disruptive in class will be subject to suspension and/or removal from any school team of which they are a member at the time. Special circumstances will be considered.
  • Athletes are required to maintain a minimum 60% average in each of their current courses. Coaches and teachers are able to make exceptions on a case-by-case basis.
  • An athlete who is removed by the coach from a team for inappropriate conduct or breach of team rules/expectations or an athlete who quits a school team without consultation and approval of the coach and the Athletic Eligibility and Ethics Committee after the team roster has been posted, will be subject to suspension for up to a 12 month period from all inter-school activities.
  • In all cases the final decision as to team membership is made by the coach.
  • An athlete who is in violation of school rules (e.g. violence, vandalism, drinking, smoking, etc.) on a field trip will lose the privilege to participate in all inter-school athletic activities for 90 days. Refer to Bluewater District School Bd Policy BP 6805 for further details.
  • If a concern should arise, teachers, administration, coaches, and/or athletes can refer cases to the Athletic Eligibility and Ethics Committee for consideration and review on a case-by-case basis.
  • When an athlete is deemed ineligible, the athlete and parents/guardian will be notified immediately. The ineligibility decision may be appealed to the Athletic Eligibility and Ethics Committee composed of representatives from the coaching body, school athletic director, administration and the SAC athletic representatives. Note: The appeal must be made within 30 days of the date stated on the notification letter.
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